Equality vs Equity January 12, 2017 gippscasablog

In the current discourse about gender, and human rights more broadly, we often hear of ‘equity’ and ‘equality’; two words frequently seen as synonymous, and used interchangeably. This is problematic; as there is a very real difference.

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Orange Round 2020

Orange Round is a Gippsland wide initiative to encourage community sporting clubs to take a stand and help raise awareness about the incidence and impacts of sexual assault, family violence and violence against women and children in our community.

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Denim Day 2020

Join us April 29th 2020 to take a stand against sexual violence

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Stealthing’ – is it sexual assault? July 31, 2017 gippscasa blog Click for more info →
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The best way to protect your kids from sexual assault

I am a comedian. I have no business whatsoever talking to you about sexual assault. However, a strange thing happened to me over a decade ago – the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne asked me to help them with their sex-ed program for teens. They said it wasn’t working because it was a bit too… boring. I worked with them to take the health messages and jazz them up with some jokes, songs and other stuff. The kids lapped it up.

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GCASA supports gender equality

Gippsland Centre against Sexual Assault supports the Gender Equity Victoria pledge to supporting a vision for equality, wellbeing and freedom from violence for every woman and girl in every community, ahead of the 2018 State Election.

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