How we can help:

Given the prevalence of sexual assault and trauma in our community, it is vital that professionals have a good understanding of the impacts and incidence of sexual assault. This knowledge will help professionals respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual assault, and help them interact with people who have experienced sexual assault in a trauma-sensitive manner.

Understanding sexual assault helps to diminish the stigma and shame many people feel following sexual assault. Cultivating understanding across our sector, and beyond, will help reduce the impact of sexual assault, and help counter some of the harmful myths and misconceptions about this form of violence.

We regularly run workshops and training days on a number of topics relating to our work. You can find out more via the  ‘News and Events’ section of our webpage.

We can also tailor training packages to suit the specific needs of your school, company, or organisation. Please contact our Prevention and Education Team via [email protected] to discuss how we can best address your requirements.