Individual counselling

Gippsland CASA offers individual counselling to people who have experienced sexual assault, their families and support people. This process is negotiated depending on the persons needs but generally flows as follows:

Once allocation has been made the Counsellor/ Advocate will contact the client and arrange regular individual sessions. It is important in counselling to customise the therapy taking into consideration the persons circumstances and needs and the counsellors skills and knowledge; this means interventions may vary. In saying that all sessions will be underpinned with safe trauma principles:

  1. Prioritising safety
  2. Establishment of a strong and supportive therapeutic relationship
  3. Development of strategies to manage reduction of arousal
  4. Identification and building of peoples internal and external resources
  5. Therapy is customised to the individuals needs, circumstances and strengths and draws from a range of theories used to help understand sexual assault and the traumatic impacts.

To contact any Victorian CASA or the Sexual Assault Crisis Line phone 1800 806 292

For sexual assault counselling within Australia phone 1800 RESPECT