Support Gippsland CASA

Sexual assault can all too often foster feelings of hopelessness. Gippsland CASA would like to help people take action against this crime by supporting the organisation to be able to provide more responsive services to meet client needs and lobbying for changes to systemic issues that impact on people who have experienced sexual assault such as legal, health, and social systems. There are many ways to do this and we have options that you might like to consider. However if you have other ideas please contact Gippsland CASA at


Gippsland CASA is a registered charitable organisation and as such can issue tax deductable receipts for donations AUS$2.00 and over. Donations of goods and services that will support the operation of the service are also welcomed. Donations can occur once or arrangements can be put in place for regular direct debiting/ donating.

If you would like more information or would like to make donations to Gippsland CASA, please

  • Call 035134 3922
  • Email questions and queries to (please do not email banking details for security purposes)
  • Use Paypal for direct depositing of donations
  • Send cheques to PO Box 1124, Morwell, 3840.

Please inform us where to send/ email the tax invoice/ receipt.

Social Responsibility:

Sexual assault is an issue that is hidden within society and our community. Workplaces provide an ideal environment for communities to come together and take action. Direct actions can include workplace giving and corporate sponsorship and the benefits can include:

  • Creating solidarity within the workplace
  • Creating a social conscience and responsibility that can strengthen motivation and productivity.
  • Workplace pride
  • Gippsland CASA education sessions/ workshops designed and delivered to meet the workplace needs (negotiation of presentations based on individual corporate circumstances and Gippsland CASA’s availability)
  • Referral pathway and support for employees
  • Receiving feedback from Gippsland CASA about the use of the donations or sponsorship
  • Reviewing workplace processes and policies around sexual assault and harassment (negotiation of presentations based on individual corporate circumstances and Gippsland CASA’s availability)

Sexual assault is a community issue and we all must take responsibility and action to address this crime.

If you are interested in workplace giving or corporate sponsorship, please contact us on:

To contact any Victorian CASA or the Sexual Assault Crisis Line phone 1800 806 292

For sexual assault counselling within Australia phone 1800 RESPECT