Crisis care unit

Gippsland CASA operates two crisis care teams across the region. The East Gippsland team offer a crisis care service that can be accessed at Bairnsdale. The Central Gippsland team offer a crisis care service that can be accessed at Morwell and Sale.
Crisis care is available for adults who have experienced sexual assault in the past two weeks or children who have recently disclosed sexual assault.

A crisis care service can be any combination, or all, of the following:

  • 24 hour response to sexual assault
  • Crisis counselling (debriefing)
  • Co-ordination of service provision
  • Information provision
  • Advocacy
  • Referral
  • Practical assistance
  • Access to ongoing support

It is important to note that this response is primarily about the person’s wellbeing and supporting them through the crisis point. People should be informed that the crisis care team will not engage in what most people see as counselling.

A crisis care response can include CASA, Victoria Police Sexual Offenses Criminal Investigation Team, and Forensic medical practitioners/ nurses. CASA will co-ordinate only the services the person requests after all options have been discussed, a person who has experienced sexual assault does not need to report to the police or undertake a forensic medical examination to access a crisis care unit.

Please call the Sexual Assault Crisis Line or Gippsland CASA to access this service on
1800 806 292

To contact any Victorian CASA or the Sexual Assault Crisis Line phone 1800 806 292

For sexual assault counselling within Australia phone 1800 RESPECT